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Could pasture contribute to loose droppings?

Yes. Loose droppings is a common symptom for horses or ponies on sandy or well-grazed pasture. Pegasus Health have developed Sandaway® to support healthy gut movement and function for horses on poor pasture.

Do you have a natural product for treating ulcers?

BananaCare® contains pure natural green banana extract. This product has been formulated to be the ultimate natural digestive support for horses prone to stomach discomfort causing excitable behaviour or a lack of condition. This product looks to soothe discomfort in addition to promoting gastrointestinal health.

How can I keep my competition horse calm?

We constantly push our competition horses outside their comfort zone, travelling them and taking them to new environments. This stress can cause stomach discomfort which contributes to unfavourable behaviour. Feeding a supplement to support your competition horses' digestive system can encourage calm behaviour. Pegasus Health have developed GastriKalm® to support horses at risk of stomach discomfort.

What natural ingredients help with inflammation?

Boswellia and DHA Gold are both natural ingredients that have been proven to combat inflammation in ponies and horses. Pegasus Health have developed NatureBute® to support your horses natural anti-inflammatory response and provide gentle long-term relief.